The Inner Strength of A Single Mom


I didn’t know my own strength
And I crashed and I tumbled
But I didn’t crumble
I got through all the pain

Hold my head up high
I was not built to break
I didn’t know my own strength




Wow, these lyrics sung by the late and great Whitney Houston warms my heart and resonates with my spirit because we all go through trials and tribulations as we try to find our inner strength to rise above our challenges.

As single moms, we go through some dark days and it is during those times we come to realize our strength is beyond measure. Because for the sake of our children, we just keep moving, we keep trying, we just do what has to be done, and don’t boast about it. We are focused… but …

It’s an emotional rollercoaster

Life as a single mom can be an emotional rollercoaster at times leaving us feeling powerless, lonely, sad, fearful, anxious, frustrated, angry, disgust, and, shame. For years, I myself waddled in self-pity. My body felt like quicksand no matter what I did to raise my emotions to a positive level, self-pity kept pulling me into its endless whirlwind of sorrow.

If you looked at me, you wouldn’t know I was struggling to accept the idea of being a single mom. I nurtured my son, worked, took care of all necessities. But as soon as our lives settled, the anxiety would take over and the idea of being a single mom consumed me.

The first 2 years of being a mom were the scariest of times. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays were great. I did what needed to be done and kept it moving. But Fridays … OMG it was the most emotional day. I would get off work, pick my son from daycare, come home, we would eat, play, and prepare for bedtime. As soon as he was in bed sleeping, tears would drizzle down my face. I was depleted spirit, soul, and body. To this day, I do not know why Fridays triggered sadness. All I knew, something had to change because it was not healthy.

I had a made-up mind

It was on a Sunday when I decided to stop drowning in self-pity. I decided to take action and rebuild my confidence, revive my unlimited potential, and recharge my power to be the best mom that I could be. I needed to tap into my inner strength to do what I needed to do to keep healthy, my bank account on the positive, and strive to make my dreams a reality.

Although I experienced highs and lows during the rebuild of my spirit. My change in mindset accepted the challenge to transform my inner beliefs. First, I gave myself permission to feel sad, but I did not stay there long, 2-hours at the max. I snapped myself out of it and ceased the moment with prayer, meditation, and affirmations. Finally, now that my spirit was strengthened, I got up and put my body in motion, placed one foot in front of the other to stand and walk in my God-given greatness.

The words of God and some of the greatest orators and authors such as Lisa Nichols, Honorée Corder, Dr. Gail Hayes, Priscilla Shirer, Lori Little, and Valorie Burton have inspired and encouraged me through their profession to accept my position as not only as a woman, but moreover as a single mother to my wondrous miracle my son.

I was not built to break

I took back my power! I stopped feeling sorry for myself and ashamed. I began to take action and did whatever made me feel better and focused on self-improvement. Spa treatments, business training courses, reading, journaling, walks in the park and reconnecting with friends. I applied strategies, resources, toolkits that resonated with me to unlock unlimited potential and fulfill a joy-filled life. I vowed to connect every emotion with a motion, I was not going to break.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.
(Philippians 4:13)

I got to know my own strength!



Gloria Coleman

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