Hello, I am Gloria!

I encourage, inspire, and equip the underserved single mom to rise above circumstances and limiting beliefs and spread their wings and soar.


Recharge your spirit

Rediscover your passions and potential

Reclaim your power


    • Do you know that you are an amazing, loving, and nurturing lady and mother?


    • Do you have dreams, ambitions, and aspirations, but the thought of transitioning keeps you stuck between what could be ~ what you think should be ~ and what is?


    • Does your lack of confidence keep you from wanting more for yourself?


    • Do you want to create a better life for yourself and your children but lack the tools and resources to accomplish your goals?


You know at times, life as a single mom can be an emotional rollercoaster comprised with feelings of powerlessness, loneliness, sadness, fearfulness, anxiousness, frustration, anger, disgust, and, yes, even shamefulness. But, as a mom, you know that you can’t waddle in self-pity (and if you do you have to snap out it because you can’t stay there) for very long. You learn to reach for that undercurrent of mom power so that you can nurture and provide for your little ones who depend on you to be present. You keep moving! All the while, thoughts linger in your mind … “Who am I?” “When is someone going to be there for me?” “I still have dreams, when will I get to fully live out my purpose?’


Well, fret not, I believe as long as we breathe, there is an opportunity to live a fully satisfied life. Lady, it is your time to embark on a new journey of creating the life you want by crafting pathways that will move you in the direction of standing in your own personal greatness.


And most of all, it is my desire to connect you with like-minded single mothers in an environment of solidarity where you will find support and encouragement to cultivate your inner strengths, tap into opportunities, and make the impossible possible.


Gloria Coleman is a life coach and certified image consultant dedicated to helping single mothers embrace their truth in every aspect of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. She is the founder of the Single Moms Ignite Network, where women connect in an environment of solidarity to encourage, support and inspire one another as they rise above their circumstances to champion their own awesome.

Gloria is a champion in helping women stand in their own personal greatness. It was the biblical verse Psalm 139:14 which states “we are “all” fearfully and wonderfully made…” that inspired her desire to connect and serve as a catalyst for other single mothers like herself, to recharge their spirit, rediscover their passions and potential, and reclaim their personal power.

Gloria is “Living Life on Purpose” through her dream career as a life coach and a mother of one wondrous miracle, her son Wynston.

Through the Single Moms Ignite Network, women connect, encourage, support, and inspire one another in an environment of solidarity where they can discover how to unleash their unlimited potential and stand in their greatness to relentlessly pursue a life of happiness and purpose.